Cinnamon Rolls, Football, Birthdays, and Sushi

Did you know Jeremy and I celebrate our birthdays one day apart (and 6 years but who's counting)? His birthday is the 1st and mine is the 2nd of September. That means that this weekend is birthday weekend!!

The fun part about birthday weekend is that it always falls near labor day so we always get an extra day to celebrate.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to doing this weekend:

- I'm so excited to try the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Roll recipe. I've heard nothing but good things and figured birthday weekend was a good special occasion to try it out!

- The Memphis Tigers have their home opener on Saturday, so, as season ticket holders, we will be there with our Tiger Blue on.

- Birthday weekend calls for lots of birthday celebrations! I can't wait to give Jeremy his gifts and celebrate our first birthdays as husband and wife.

- We're planning on going to Bluefin for the first time. I'm not really sure how we've avoided going here for so long, but I'm looking forward to it. Any recommendations?

Overall, we make a big deal about our birthdays and we have fun, feel free to follow along :) #longbirthdayweekend14

Yoga with a Side of Baseball

(Alternate title by Jeremy: Crouching Tiger Hidden Homerun)

The YMCA in Downtown Memphis, the Fogelman YMCA, is pretty awesome. This building has been a YMCA for more than 100 years and it's full of charm. There are several floors, and the pool is housed below ground. There's even a room designated as a chapel with stained glass windows and everything. After all, at it's core, the YMCA is a Christian organization.

In addition to all the little unique qualities the building possesses, there's a rooftop deck with some amazing views of the minor league ballpark making this gym unlike any other gym (at least in Memphis).

On Monday, the Redbirds, our baseball team, had a game anddd there was a yoga class that I wanted to go to. So, Jeremy and I headed over to the Y to watch some baseball then went to the yoga class. It was fun!! I love how accessible everything is! I felt like we were in our own private suite watching the game.

If you're a member of the YMCA, I definitely recommend planning a workout around a baseball game. It's fun to see the ballpark from a different perspective and gives you views unlike any other. If you're not a member of the Y... Y not? (hah yes, I'm a dork)

Not only did we have a good time watching baseball and working out, but I also was able to wear my super cute new yoga outfit! And by wear it, I mean actually to a yoga class, not just wear it while lounging around or running errands like I have been since I got these pieces in the mail. :)

Yoga pants and top c/o Yoga Outlet

#AVeryLongWedding: The Bridal Party

I might be a little bit biased, but we had the best bridal party ever. I mean, my bridesmaids are the most beautiful people I have ever seen and the groomsmen are all so handsome. In addition to taking some killer pictures, each and every member of our bridal party made our day so much more special by standing with Jeremy and me while we said our vows.

These are our closest friends and our family members and I couldn't have imagined our wedding day without any of them. It was perfect. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Since I have no sisters of my own, I asked my brother to be my maid-of-honor. Even though the men in our bridal party outnumbered the ladies, I'm so glad I was able to give my brother this honor. He did so much to help me get ready for my big day and having him right there next to me meant so much to me. A particularly funny moment was when we had to explain exactly how he had to fix my train for me and that he had to hold my flowers through the ceremony. He was  trooper and the best maid-of-honor anyone could ever hope for.

My whole life I have been close with my cousin, Kim (on left in first picture). We've been there for each other during each major milestone in our lives. Even though she's a few years older than me, I have always felt close to her and I have always looked up to her. This year, she was able to stand with me for my wedding, and in October, I'll be the matron of honor in hers.

I remember when I met Catherine (second from left in first picture)when I started high school. We clicked right away. Somehow, we figured out that our parents had all gone to Villanova and that they had graduated in the same year! Clearly, we were meant to be best of friends, and to go to Villanova together ourselves to make our own memories there.

While at Villanova, Catherine and I met Mary (on right in first picture). I honestly cannot imagine life without these two. Even though we are scattered across the country now, I know these girls are there for me no matter what. I'm so happy that they were there for me on my wedding day especially. Between sewing my dress, fixing my hair and makeup, secretly decorating the bridal sweet, and just overall having a good time, my entire bridal party overall wins the award for best in the world. Seriously.

Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography
Videography: 314 Productions
Flowers: Holliday Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Capelli
Venue: Peabody Hotel
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan 

#AVeryLongWedding Recap:
Bridal Shower
The Rehearsal
Getting Ready
First Looks 


Sandlot Memphis

Memphis is a pretty amazing place. It's a city full of dreamers who come up with ideas and then make them happen.

A few months back, a group of Memphians put together a Downtown versus Midtown Sandlot baseball game. Players came out to represent their zip codes and earn bragging rights by playing a friendly game of baseball. Midtown beat Downtown 6-5.

The response was so great, and Downtown was ready for a rematch, so they decided to play again. This past Sunday was the day. Downtowners were ready to defend the 38103. They came out in full force, played two games, and ultimately dominated Midtown 21-17. (On the hottest day of the year, I might add.)

Downtown and Midtown are now tied. They each have a victory. I've heard there's talk of another game in the Fall to determine the ultimate winner.

Although, if you ask me, I'd love to see Sandlot Memphis continue for a long time. I had a whole lot of fun hanging out on the sidelines, meeting new people, and cheering for my zip code.

Interested in playing? Email for more info!

Big & Bold Date Night with Chili's at Home

Jeremy works a lot. By a lot, I mean, he loves what he does and sometimes his schedule is opposite of mine. While I'm thrilled he loves his job and is motivated at work, it sometimes limits our time together. We've only been married a few months, but I think we're getting the hang of taking the time we do have together and making the most of it.

Normally we go out on Friday or Saturday night for Date Night. This Friday, we weren't able to. Rather than going to a restaurant, we decided to try Chili's at Home frozen meals. We had fun!! I pulled out our nice tablecloth, didn't immediately change into sweatpants, and heated up our dinner. It was ready in no time giving me more time to spend with the husband.

So, if you would like to try Chili's at Home frozen meals for yourself (which you should) to have a spontaneous date night or a quick family dinner, here's a coupon!!

For those wondering, these Chili's at Home meals, as well as some other yummy flavors, are available at major retailers nationwide. For you Memphians, you should have no trouble finding some in the frozen aisles of Kroger and Walmart.

The only thing missing was dessert. What dessert would you pair with a Chili's At Home meal?? 

Many thanks to Bellisio Foods and Linqia for sponsoring today's post and keeping date night tasty and bold! As always, all opinions are entirely my own.

Another Fix

Stitch Fix is stillllll my favorite way to shop these days. There are about one million other things I'd rather do than wonder around a mall trying to find things I like. Stitch Fix is the solution. A box full of clothes I love and clothes I would never have thought I would love but do  show up on my doorstep. The toughest part is narrowing down which item (or items) I'm going to keep!

Does this green one look familiar?? I bought this in dark green a few Stitch Fix boxes back and wear it all. the. time. (like in this post!!) Not sure, though, if I want another one!!

So, which should I keep this time around? 

Are you interested in receieving your own Stitch Fix?? Click here to get started! 

#AVeryLongWedding: First Looks

Yes, you read that right. I titled this post "First Looks"... plural. That's because I had two first looks on my wedding day!

Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to see each other before the ceremony so we could get pictures taken to have more time with our guests celebrating. I'll be honest, during the planning process I had all these elaborate ideas for a first look in my head from constant Pinterest browsing (balloons were part of the equation), but in the end, it was simple and it was so incredibly perfect. Our photographer, Jon Sharman (aka best there is), and our videographers, 314 Productions (who are also the best), scoped our this amazing hallway and the pictures turned out perfectly.

I also decided that I wanted to do a special First Look with my Dad and my brother. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made, especially considering these are some of the sweetest moments with my Father and also some of the last I'll ever have.

I realize this is a pretty photo heavy post, I couldn't narrow it down to any fewer!! I love each of these moments so very very much.

Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography
Videography: 314 Productions
Flowers: Holliday Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Capelli

Next week I'll be talking about these gorgeous ladies (and my brother who was my maid of honor!!) 

Happy Fall Y'all

Yes, I realize it's August. I am in no way rushing summer, but I couldn't help stitching up these hoops in preparation for Fall! Fall means boots, sweaters, cool air, and pumpkin spice. I mean, what is there not to love about that?

Anyways, these hoops are now in my shop and they are just waitttting to be added to a pretty fall mantel or gallery wall :)

PS. Do you have one of my embroidery hoops in your home??? Tag them with hashtag #tenfeetoffbealeshop... I'd love to see how you decorate with them!!


DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

When giving gifts, I always try to give something thoughtful and special. Because of this, I sometimes have a hard time coming up with gift ideas!! When I saw this little craft on Pinterest, I knew it would make a great gift andddd it would be something I absolutely could pull off. With a little help from my husband, we turned gorgeous teacups into cute garden accessories that the birds adore.

All you need for this is a teacup, a copper pipe, a pipe adapter, and some epoxy.

Jeremy and I went to the local antique mall and found two teacups we thought would look beautiful in a garden.

Probably the funniest part of this whole process was going to Home Depot and asking them for good strong outdoor glue. They showed us all the cement and concrete glue. When we told them we were just trying to glue a teacup together I think they thought we were joking. We eventually found the perfect epoxy for what we needed.

Step 1: Gather supplies
Step 2: Mix glue based on manufactuerers instructions
Step 3: Glue pipe adapter onto bottom of saucer
Step 4: Spread glue onto bottom of teacup and glue to saucer
Step 5: Let the glue dry completely before attaching the copper pipe

This project is so so simple but the results are pretty great. When we gave one of these teacups to my Mom for her birthday, she couldn't believe we had made it!

Have you crafted anything lately? I'm always looking for fun new ideas :)

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