30 November 2015

The Great Russian Nutcracker

It's really starting to feel like Christmas around here! The decorations are all up, hot chocolate has been drunk, and we went to see the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker.

A few years ago I dragged took my husband to see a ballet and he pretty much decided it wasn't his thing. Musicals he could do, ballets are something entirely different. I, on the other hand, loooooove the ballet. Somehow, he decided to give ballet another chance and I convinced him to come with me to see the Nutcracker this weekend. The show was beautiful. They work with local dance studios and gave young Memphis ballerinas the opportunity to dance on stage with professional Russian ballerinas. I am sure that was an experience they will never forget.

The show was absolutely stunning. The costumes were spectacular and the performance was breathtaking. There were even some acrobatics thrown in that left my husband's jaw on the floor. It was the perfect evening to begin the holiday season. Check here to see if the Great Russian Nutcracker will be in your city!

23 November 2015

Bacon, Cheddar, Ranch Quick Dip

Funny story. A little while ago, and a friend and I went to River Arts Fest in Downtown Memphis. Throughout the day, they were giving out sample packets of ranch dressing. By the time Jeremy got there, they started giving out entire boxes of the ranch dressing packets. So, now we have an entireeeee box of ranch packets at our house. That's a whole lot of ranch so I've been trying to find and put together different recipes using these packets, so we can get rid of them...


We were on our way to a party, and I threw together this delicious, super easy, quick dip! It's true, I only made this because we are swimming in ranch packets, but I think this will stay in my potluck arsenal!

You Need:

Ranch Packet
Bacon, crumbled *I used turkey bacon
Sour Cream
Cheddar Cheese


1- Combine.

Yep, that's it! It's so super easy and it's delicious anddddd it's actually really good if you make it the night before the event you need it for.

If you bring this somewhere, expect people to request it the next time! It's perfect for tailgates, parties, potlucks. It's even delicious on a baked potato.

Ok, I have to ask. What else can I do with these ranch packets??? 

19 November 2015

Floors of Memphis

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Parisian Floors (shout out to Daina for mentioning this on her blog!) Floors in Paris are amazing. Well, I don't think anybody is surprised by this, but it got me noticing the different materials, designs, and interesting things we simply walk over every single day.

While the floors I've found in Memphis are not nearly as elaborate as those in Paris, they are still special in their own way. They're all there for a purpose and lead to some pretty amazing things. If only the floors could talk, I bet they would have some great stories.

So, I've been snapping some floor photos when I'm out and about and here's what I've collected so far... some amazing floors and lots of memories.

This one was taken in the end zone of the Liberty Bowl after the Memphis Tigers beat Ole Miss.

This is the floor of Love Pop Soda Shop.

The Peabody has it's own special Walk of Fame. Instead of stars, it's duck feet! 

You can follow these Tiger paws to the Liberty Bowl!

This is a mile marker on the Riverwalk. In my opinion, some of the best views of Memphis can be seen on the Riverwalk.

Marciel's is a new taco joint in town (that is amazing). I love that they kept this floor in their entryway. You can see all the change Memphis has gone through over the years. It's only getting better. 

We don't get many color changing trees or fall leaves Downtown, so I had to take a picture of the leaves on the ground! It's not much, but this is fall in Memphis.

I'll be posting them on Instagram as I go with the hashtag #floorsofmemphis. I hope you follow along!

17 November 2015

How to Survive Winter

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias

I am not a cold weather person. I'm honestly not sure how I lived majority of my life with New Jersey winters because when it comes to cold, I am a big baby. I like to be prepared so in addition to the obvious winter essentials (gloves, hats, etc.) here are some items I'll always have on me.

At any given time, I will have a tube of chapstick within arms reach. It's true. I think I might have a problem. It's especially important in the winter when the cold wind dries out your lips. I am a big fan of Chapstick Total Hydration. It instantly smooths and moisturizes and it's clinically proven to make your lips look healthier. I suggest picking some up the next time you're at Walmart.

These little vials of Advil are perfect to keep in your purse at all times! You never know when a headache will sneak up on you or a pesky winter cold. You definitely want to be prepared.

With the cold weather I don't walk home as often. Remember what I said about not liking the cold? When I'm Downtown (which is pretty much all the time), I always have my Trolley Pass. Even though the trolleys are rubber wheeled at the moment and not actually on the tracks, I use my pass all the time. For only $75 I get unlimited rides for six months. Yeah. It practically pays for itself.

I like to get all cozy and snug with a good book in the winter. My library card gets used a lot during the colder months. I like to use the library's online services to select the books I want, then I just walk right up to the counter and they have my books waiting for me! It's incredibly simple and makes it fool proof to get the exact book you want without having to search high and low for it.

Since sickness pretty much passes from one person to another in my office allllll through the winter months, I try to prevent getting sick by supporting my immune system with Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables. If I don't carry them with me, I'll forget to take them.

What do you always carry with you when it's cold???

11 November 2015

Places We Love -- 387 Pantry

I've said it before and I'll say it again --- I love my neighborhood!!! It's no secret that Memphis completely has my heart, but long before I ever actually lived within the city limits, the South Main Arts District was one of my favorite places. The street is lined with amazing dining options, shopping, and galleries. It's also been growing steadily for quite some time now with new places popping up all the time.

Back in April, Stock & Belle moved into the neighborhood and brought with it a plethera of amazing artwork, clothing, and furniture, not to mention, a place to get your haircut. After it opened, a wall went up inside the open floorplan of the store. We all wondered what could possibly be hiding behind the wall. Jeremy and I tried to guess, but what it turned into far exceeded our expectations.

Behind the mysterious wall opened 387 Pantry. A unique grocery store that specializes in local products. Here, you can find cured meats, fill your growler, buy pizza cutters made out of recyled skateboards (yup), pastries, cheese, and fresh brewed coffee. It's the perfect place to find that special product that won't be carried in a typical big brand grocery store.

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Bonus, it's run by a friend of ours who is incredibly passionate about the community and really puts his heart and soul into every decision he makes. Each item is hand picked specifically and it really shows. Every time I'm in there I spot something else that looks totally amazing and the best part, it's all local.

So, now that you can't wait to get there, might I suggest stopping by tomorrow night! There is a special Mid-Week Farmer's Market hosted by 387 Pantry and Wilson Gardens. You'll be able to purchase gorgeous organic vegetables andddd Fuel Food Truck (ahemmm my favorite food truck) will be there.

Mid-Week Farmers Market
Thursday, November 12th
5:30pm - 8pm 
387 Pantry

10 November 2015


I am all about a comfy chunky sweater. This particular sweater was perfect for our Downtown Coffee Marathon!


Sweater: H&M // Boots: Modcloth

Andddd I wish I wasn't making a silly face while the trolley drove by!!! Minus me, this is such a great picture!!


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09 November 2015

The Downtown Coffee Marathon -- Round 1

We did something crazy this weekend. We spent our Saturday walking around Downtown Memphis drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. It was a coffee marathon to find all the best downtown coffee spots.

What we learned? Downtown has a tonnnn of places to get coffee!! We ended up only going to four different places, we had four very different cups of coffee, and have already decided that there will be a round 2 sometime soon of the places we missed.

We started the day at The Arcade, Memphis' oldest cafe, where we also had some breakfast.

Our second stop was the 387 Pantry. This spot is relatively new, and extremely awesome. Inside Stock and Belle, where you can find great shopping, there's also a hair salon, Salon 387, and the 387 Pantry. It's stocked with local items that you might not be able to find at just any old market. (Don't worry, a more in depth blog post will be coming soon) Here, they brew fresh pots of Dr. Bean's Coffee.

After two cups of coffee we were feeling pretty good so we walked to The Peabody. They have an adorable Deli and Bakery that I think most locals tend to forget about. In addition to incredibly gorgeous pastries and a lunch menu, they serve a great cup of coffee.

Our fourth and final stop of the day was Bluff City Coffee. A well known and well loved classic coffee shop on South Main Street. Here, they don't brew coffee, rather, if you order a coffee, you get an Americano. This is espresso diluted with hot water. Different, but still good!

All four places served us some pretty great cups of coffee. We liked something different about each of them!  

The Arcade serves a killer breakfast along with their coffee.
You can really taste the freshness in the roasted beans at 387 Pantry.  
The Peabody has the people watching and the ducks.  
Bluff City Coffee has the coffee shop atmosphere.

So, you might be wondering how we felt after drinking this much coffee. I think the fact that we walked everywhere helped with the caffeine intake. When we got home, I felt totally wired until I sat on the couch. Yeah, the next thing I knew I was waking up from a nap. :)

BONUS: Before we embarked on our coffee marathon, Jeremy had a cup of coffee at the Fogelman YMCA which is also located downtown.

06 November 2015

Anthropologie Hack: DIY Jingling Monogram Ornament

Anthropologie just might be one of my favorite stores. The problem? I'm not a millionaire. Whenever I find myself browsing through their website, I always find things I love only to realize they are way out of my price range. When I saw these adorable ornaments, I instantly pictured myself attaching them to wrapped presents this Christmas. They're $8, that's totally affordable!! Until you start buying one for everyone you know. So, I figured I would just try to make my own.

This project is prettttty self explanatory but here's what I did...

Chipboard Letters
Jingle Bells
Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Step 1 - Wrap the chipboard letters with yarn. I started with the red, and wrapped about half of the letter leaving some space for the white. For the tough corners, I used my glue gun for help. Then,  I finished wrapping the letter with the white yarn until it looked complete.

Step 2 - To attach the jingle bells, I got out a needle and red thread and sewed them onto the letter.

Step 3 - To attach the hanging hook, I used the needle and thread again so that it would stay put.

andddd that's it! Not too difficult, and these little letters will look super cute and add a little jingle to my Christmas wrapping this year.

05 November 2015

The Above the Couch Conundrum

I've lived in this condo for over two years. Two years!! I actually can't believe it!! Jeremy and I bought this place not long after we got engaged and I moved in and waited impatiently for our wedding and my permanent roommate to move in. Over the past few years we've updated a few things around the condo, but there's one spot that I keep avoiding. The gigantic wall over the couch.

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It's a blank slate.  A giant blank slate and I have no idea what to do with it!!

Here are some things that I've thought about: 

A Gallery Wall


The problem... I need to gather a whole lot of prints, frames, pictures, and that can get pretty pricey.

Honeycomb Shelves


I actually think this might be my favorite option. The problem... we'd have to build them which is pretty hard to do when you live in a condo.

A Shelf 


Just one ledge shelf. I don't think that would be too hard. The problem... this one is the same issue as the Gallery Wall. Gathering prints, pictures, frames, etc.

A Map

The problem... I'd have to find one. Hmmm, anybody have any leads?

Do you see my problem? Maybe there are tooooo many things that I can do with the space above the couch. Anybody have any tips, ideas, anything? Help?