25 August 2015

Elvis Week Recap

You might recall that a few weeks back I had the privelage of being the Official Elvis Week Blogger. Basically, I was able to go to amazing events and then write about it... for the Graceland blog.

Anyways, I had the best time ever. I met some incredible people, was able to attend fun events and overall, I had the greatest experience. Before I jump back into regular Ten Feet Off Beale blog posts, I wanted to share what I wrote during Elvis Week. Whether you're an Elvis Presley fan or not, take a read, you might learn something new :)

Five Things to Expect at Elvis Week 2015
Before the week began, I shared some things that could be expected.

10 Best Places to Take A Selfie at Graceland
This one was so fun to put together! There are lots of great places at Graceland to snap a selfie. Memphians, I know there are lots of you who have never visited Graceland. Trust me, you definitely should!!! 

Elvis Presley in Memphis
Graceland isn't the only place in Memphis that was influential to Elvis. I highlighted some other great Memphis landmarks that played a role in Elvis' life and career.

Elvis Presley's Tupelo
Tupelo is a hop, skip, and a jump from Memphis. It's also where Elvis was born andddd a great day trip from Memphis.

Alyssa's Favorite Things: Elvis Presley's Graceland Edition
This one is all about shopping andddd a few of my favorite things that you can find at Graceland.
Touring Elvis Presley's Graceland Archives
This is a great read even if you aren't an Elvis fan. I hope you learn something new!
Elvis Presley is Everywhere
Elvis is still influencing people today!! This post may or may not include one of our wedding pictures ;)
Things You Might Not Know About Elvis Tribute Artists
I hope this post sheds some light on Elvis Tribute Artists. They're so much more than Elvis impersonators and I think after reading things you'll have a whole new appreciation for them. 

Viva Las Vegas
Memphis isn't the only city where you can still find Elvis. There's also Las Vegas! 

Candlelight Vigil
The highlight of Elvis Week is the Candlelight Vigil when everyone can pay their respects and remember the King.

12 August 2015

Wore // Signing the Wall

Remember my big news about Elvis Week? Well, we're a few days in and so far I am having the time of my life! I've been writing daily for the Graceland Blog and overall, the experience has been the very best. Be sure to go over there and read my posts! I've learned a ton and have truly made some incredible memories in the process.

A few days back, we were at Graceland and I thought it was time to add my signature the wall. This is a fun tradition that Elvis fans have been doing since Elvis lived there! Over the years, millions of fans have added their names and messages to the wall. It's pretty incredible to see, actually, and I'm honored that my name is nestled right there among other Elvis fans.

Jeans & Shoes: Target // Top: ModCloth

04 August 2015


It seems like every few months there's another trend, or app, or new social media site that everyone flocks to.

Snapchat is one of them. I held out for so long figuring Snapchat would just fizzle out. Even though I knew tons of people were using it, I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I didn't know why this particular app was different from Instagram, Twitter, or even just plain old text messaging. Then, I read Helene's post about Why Bloggers Need Snapchat and I decided to take the plunge! You guys, it's so fun!

I love that Snapchat gives users a relatively unfiltered look into people's lives. Instagram can be edited and saved for later. Snapchat, however, is instantaneous. I especailly love the City Stories. Everyday there are new stories from different cities across the world in which you can scroll through lots of snaps from that city. Yesterday, one of the stories was Cairo. Yes, as in Egypt! It was really so awesome to see people's snaps of the pyramids and just what everyday life is in Cairo. It makes the world seem like not so big of a place.

Read Helene's blog post for a comprehensive look on what Snapchat is and the best way to use it, then be sure to follow along!!

My username is: alyssaplong

I look forward to seeing you there!

30 July 2015

Ten Feet Off Beale Shop... on Instagram!

It's been a while since I've talked about it on this here blog, but I wanted to quickly mention that in addition to this little blog of mine, I have an Etsy shop! That's right, that little button up on the top right of this page will bring you there!

If this is your first time hearing about this, I hand stitch embroidery hoop art. It's both therapeutic and fun and I just love filling people's homes with these little creations.

Well, not tooooo long ago, I started an instagram account juuust for my hoop art! There, you can find all stitching related pictures and works in progress as well as some special announcements and discount codes. Follow along @shop_tenfeetoffbeale :)

Ok, because I like you guys, I'll share some exciting things going on over on Instagram so you don't miss out:

<> If you purchase one of my Christmas ornament hoops from now until the end of July (eeps! that's tomorrow!!) and use CHRISTMASINJULY you get 25% off!

<> There's a #MadeInMemphis giveaway going on and the winner will receive one of my embroidery hoops (the yellow bicycle hoop to be exact) among other amazing prizes that are all made in Memphis. To enter, go to the Ekata Designs Instagram account: @ekatadesigns

<> For those of you in Memphis, I have a special just for you. Use code MEMPHIS at checkout to get free shipping and we can coordinate a local pickup.

There you have it! My shop now has an Instagram account. Hope you follow along :)

29 July 2015


I'm pretty sure that every time I drive through town I notice different murals. Memphis is full of them and they're all awesome. This one is my new favorite, so of course, we stopped to snap a few pictures.

Also, I feel like it's worth noting that I do have other pairs of shorts. Yes, these are the same shorts that were in  my last "wore" post. I've had them forever, they're so comfy, and they go with everything. Don't judge.

Top : Stitch Fix // Sweater : CAbi // Ring : c/o Anjolee

By the way, how pretty is that ring!!! I'm also swooning over some of these Anjolee Tennis Bracelets.

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23 July 2015

Downtown Memphis Movie Night

Downtown Memphis is awesome. This is definitely not the first time I've said this, and it certainly won't be the last but there's always something going on that makes me stop and say "man, I love my nieighborhood"

Down by the Mississippi River there's a relatively new building called Beale Street Landing. They built it to make it look like it has always been there, a natural piece of the bluff. The roof of Beale Street Landing is more than just, well, a roof. They covered it with grass to allow people to jog or walk their dogs along it. It also makes a great movie theater.

On Tuesday nights in the summer you can go down to Beale Street Landing for free and watch some pretty great movies. This week, we went to see Frozen. Yes, Frozen. The sad news? Summer is almost over and there are only two movies left!! You can watch The Princess Bride on July 28th and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade on August 4th. Both movies begin at 8:30.

Bring the family, but leave your pets and coolers at home. Between the Riverfront Bar & Grill and the food trucks, you shouldn't be hungry.

PS. You might also want to bring some bug spray.

21 July 2015

Some HUGE News

Five years ago, on my very first trip to Graceland, this picture was taken. Well, I am beyond thrilled and honored to announce that this year, I have been asked to be the Official Elvis Week Blogger. You guys, this is a huge deal. Basically, during Elvis Week, I will be attending lots of fun events around Graceland and Memphis and hanging out with Elvis fans from all over the world. Then, I get to write about it for the Graceland blog. Can you say dream assignment?

Ok, now I'll bet you're wondering how I got this amazing opportunity. Well, it's actually a pretty funny story. A few years ago, Jeremy and I went to an Elvis Week event and happened to get our picture taken by a photographer. A few months ago, they used that picture on their website (click here to see it!). As it turns out, someone in the offices of Graceland recognized me as a Memphis blogger, so they reached out to me, we had a meeting and they offered me the most exciting job I have ever had.

So, be sure to follow along on the Graceland Blog to see what I'm up to during Elvis Week, and don't stop checking here, there will definitely be some new posts.

Elvis Week, I am ready for you and I cannnnnnot wait!!

PS. Here's the official announcement that was made on the Graceland blog. 

14 July 2015


A few months after my wedding, I wrote a blog post in which I shared a little project my brand new husband and I started. We called it 365 Days Long. [Get it??? My married name is Long ;)] Basically, we agreed that we would take a selfie for each day of our marriage so that on our first anniversary we would have a plethora of memories to look back on.

I can happily say we completed this project... to the best of our abilities, that is. Sure, there were definitely days that we forgot. There are not exactly 365 pictures, but overall, this was a fun project that resulted in a picture book containing lots of memories from our first year of marriage.

We enjoyed reminding each other throughout the year that we had to take our selfie and coming up with creatives ways to do so. Now, we have a book full of the exciting trips we took, events we went to, and even everyday moments like watching TV on the couch.

As mentioned in my last post about this, we used an app called Collect to gather the pictures throughout the year. This proved to be suuuuuper helpful. As our first anniversary approached, I didn't have to go through my camera roll to find every picture. They were all right there in the app.

I put the book together using Chatbooks which was crazy easy to do anddd did not break the bank.

I just love the way it all turned out and that we now have a little piece of our first year of marriage to look back on for many many years.

PS. If you use code V6VAJXLU on Chatbooks, you can get your first book free... and I get $1, so that's fun :)

09 July 2015

Love is Sweet: A Beautiful Bridal Shower

What do you get when the sweetest Pittsburgher falls in love with a Canadian boy? A countdown to what is sure to be an amazing wedding. Part of that countdown includes a bridal shower that was full of love, laughter, and maple syrup.

One of my very best friends, Mary, is getting married in August!! I'm thrilled that I was able to make the trip to her hometown of Pittsburgh to shower her with love before her big day with all the important ladies in her life.

Looking forward to standing beside you on your big day, Mary. I love you!!

08 July 2015

We're Back!

Remember when I said I wasn't giving up on blogging?? Well, I wanted to say that's still true! There's been some silence around here because I did some traveling for the Fourth of July holiday. It was a whirlwind trip. It started in Pittsburgh for one of my very best friend's bridal shower, then I went to visit my Mom in New Jersey to spend some time there, after that, Jeremy flew up and we went to the beach with my family!

Lots of fun anddddd lots of new blog posts coming soon :)

PS. That's Atlantic City behind us in this picture!