Checking In

This week officially marks the beginning of Autumn. I've been getting our house all decked out in fall decorations and my calendar hasn't stopped filling up with stuff to do! Luckily, it's jam packed with fun things. For instance: 

- This past week and weekend, husband and I both were involved with the YCMA Corporate Games Events. Basically, it takes up every waking moment you're not at work and you play games with your coworkers like dodgeball and volleyball. It's suuuuper tiring, but I guess it's fun.

- My cousin is getting married in less than two weeks!! Can't wait to go to New Jersey and celebrate!!

- Jeremy and I were invited to spend a weekend in Helena, Arkansas for the King Biscuit Blues Festival. Neither of us have ever been and we're really excited to check it out. There will most definitely be some blog posts about this.

- Football. As a Northerner, I don't necessarily understand the obsession with college football, but I'm learning. I'm learning that Saturdays in the fall mean we're either at a college football game or watching several on TV.

- Villanova Homecoming. It looks like we might be taking the trip up North to go to Villanova Homecoming!! Suuuuper excited about this :) Fingers crossed it all works out!!

Yeah, it's going to be a busy couple of months, but man oh man, it's going to be fun!! What fun things are you doing this Fall?

PS. That picture is one I posted in Instagram. We have a chalkboard coffee table and I used an adorable print I found on Pinterest as inspiration!


Every Good and Perfect Gift

I recently stitched this hoop up for a precious newborn little. I love love love the way it turned out!!

I've also been stitching up some different types of hoops lately. Can't wait to share :)


#AVeryLongWedding: Guest Book & Seating Chart

I haven't really gone into too much detail in regards to the wedding recap. So, today, I'm going to keep it short and sweet and share two details that turned out even better than I could have imagined!

You might recall that when Jeremy and I got engaged we started an "L" collection. Instead of going with a typical Guest Book, I found a giant wooden "L" on Etsy and decided to use that! I even had it painted a pretty mint color. We had all our guests sign our love letter (hah.. get it?) and now we have it hanging on a wall in our home. I love seeing everyone's little message every single day.

Another special detail was our Seating Chart. During the wedding planning process, my Mom and I would sometimes sit on the phone while we were both scanning Pinterest for ideas. We even had a secret pinboard and everything. One day, while we were doing this, we stumbled across a seating chart that used picture frames. We took the idea one step further. We surrounded the seating chart frame with pictures of family members on their wedding days.

Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography
Videography: 314 Productions
Coordinator: Amy Miller
Wooden Letter: Grace Graffiti
Seating Chart: DIY

#AVeryLongWedding Recap:
Bridal Shower
The Rehearsal
Getting Ready
First Looks
Bridal Party

Me, You, and Hayley Larue


Hey everyone! My name is Hayley Larue, and I'm an LA Fashion and Beauty Blogger over at Me, You, & Hayley Larue. My blog actually started of as a lifestyle blog, until one day I built up the guts to put up my first outfit post. I was so nervous, because I felt it was a little vain, but it was something I had wanted to do for a few years. So I just went for it, and I'm so glad I did. I love blogging, and I also found a love for designing blogs.

Now aside from my blogging life, dancing is a huge part of who I am as well. I've been a dancer for 19 years, and I began doing it professionally two years ago. I'm also a college grad! Although, I did not major in dance. I majored in communications with a concentration in entertainment. So while in college, I was going back and forth from Orange County to Hollywood for dance auditions while I was trying to become a professional dancer. It was tough and time consuming, but I did it! Now along with my outfits posts, you will also see a few life posts that update you on what I'm doing, dance wise, along with hair posts, makeup posts, with some occasional blogging tips and tutorials. :)

I hope you decide to follow along! 

#MissionSurpriseAlyssa: Documenting Memories with Seahorse

Last Sunday, my best friend and my husband teamed up and gave me the most incredible surprise. Sunday morning started just like any other. Jeremy and I woke up and got ready for church. I had no idea a surprise was in store. While we were getting ready, Jeremy left for a minute to take Harrison out. A few minutes later he came running into our apartment telling me to "Come quick! Harrison is doing something so funny!"

Well, when I opened the door, Harrison was sitting there... with my best friend, Mary!!

I had no idea she was coming to town. Jeremy and Mary had planned this incredible surprise for me and it was amazing. They are the best!

Mary is currently living in Branson, Missouri which is about 5 hours from Memphis. She had woken up super early in the morning to come to Memphis to spend a few days with us.

While she was here we ate, went on walks around downtown, ate some more, hung out around the house, and ate. Memphis is definitely a food town. We wanted to show her all the highlights!

Between the three of us, we have lots of pictures from the few days she was in town. I had recently been asked to try out a new app called Seahorse. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

Basically, you set up scenes and invite your friends. I set up a scene for #missionsurprisealyssa and posted all the pictures I had taken from the few days Mary was in town. I invited both her and Jeremy to join the scene and upload their pictures. Now, we have one place where all the fun memories from the trip are stored.

It was surprisingly simple to use Seahorse and I can see how this app will come in handy in the future. It would be perfect for weddings, or vacations, even keeping up with out of town family. Jeremy and I also used it to compile all our honeymoon pictures in one place.

We've all said it before, "hey, send me the pictures you took from this weekend". Well, now all you have to do is set up a scene and everyone has allll the pictures!

Try it out!! Seahorse is available on both iPhone and Android. Also, use code CLEVERHORSE to get an extra 5GB of storage until October 31, 2014.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Concerts, Festivals, Museums, and Cemeteries

This weekend is fulllll of fun things to do around Memphis. There are so many things happening!! Here are four things that stood out to me. I suggest going to at least one, if not all, of these events!

- The Levitt Shell has a concert Friday, Saturday, andddd Sunday this weekend. They're free and always fun. If you go, I recommend bringing coolers, blankets, and chairs!

- The Cooper Young Festival is on Saturday. This is one of my favorite festivals in Memphis. I just love all the art. Don't forget to find Midtown Glassworks! The first person to find them and mention Ten Feet Off Beale gets a gift card. Everybody else who mentions Ten Feet Off Beale gets 10% off!

- Saturday is also Downtown Museum Day. I just looove this day!! The museums downtown (there are many and they're all amazing) have either free admission orrrr highly discounted prices. Visit their Facebook page for the complete list!

- Elmwood Cemetery is a historic cemetery here in Memphis where people can learn about those who established this city. There are often tours and events held at the cemetery. This Saturday, there will be a Yellow Fever walking tour. It sounds super interesting and is sure to be a good time.

So, what are you planning on doing this weekend?

#AVeryLongWedding: First Dances

Jeremy and I decided very early on that we would dance to Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley for our first dance as husband and wife. The lyrics are perfect, it's Elvis (whom we love), and it has always been one of my favorite Elvis songs. It was perfect for us. These moments, dancing with my brand new husband, living in this moment, are some of my favorite memories from the wedding day. Even though we were in a room surrounded by our family in friends, I felt like it was just the two of us. So wonderful. We will never hear that song the same way again.

My dance with my Father is another incredibly special moment. As you may already know, my Father passed away rather suddenly only a few weeks after my wedding. I had no idea at the time, but these moments dancing with my Father are some of the last moments I spent with him. I'm so happy I have these images of us together, just the two of us. At my Father's request, we danced to My Wish by Rascal Flatts. When he first mentioned that he had chosen a song to dance to at my wedding months before, he could barely get the words out! This song is pretty emotional and the lyrics are so perfect. This is why you'll notice me crying in some of these pictures! He was singing to me. I miss my Dad every single day and having these pictures is such a gift.


Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography
Videography: 314 Productions
Hair & Makeup: Capelli
Venue: Peabody Hotel - Reception in the Venetian Room
Coordinator: Amy Miller

Made in Memphis: Midtown Glassworks

Memphis is a city full of talented people. There are creative people, and brilliant people, and people coming up with incredible ideas. Overall people are making amazing things happen in this town. As a blog writer fortunate enough to have readers both in Memphis and elsewhere, I want to take a minute and highlight some of the amazing people in this incredible, passionate city. I want to give readers in Memphis an opportunity to discover how impressive some of their neighbors are. I also want to show readers outside of Memphis that this unique city is so much more than what it seems on the surface.

This is a little project I have come up with. A way for me to share with Memphis and the world some amazing Memphians that influence this town and make Memphis the extraordinary city that it is.

So, have you ever noticed stained glass on a church or in a building or even just hanging in someone's window and wondered how it was made? Well, nestled in the heart of Midtown Memphis is an artist creating beautiful works of stained glass. I had the opportunity to visit his studio and get a brief demonstration on how he makes these beautiful works of art.

Brian Maness, a lifelong Memphian, has been creating stained glass for over twenty years and is the artist behind Midtown Glassworks. He makes everything from large windows for buildings to adorable pairs of earrings. He makes garden lanterns and tic-tac-toe boards! The way he manipulates glass and puts it together creates some beautiful results.

Brian and Midtown Glassworks will be at the Cooper-Young Festival this weekend!

The first person to find Midtown Glassworks at the Cooper-Young Festival and mention Ten Feet Off Beale will get a $40 giftcard to be used at the Midtown Glassworks booth!

Every person after that who mentions Ten Feet Off Beale will get 10% off! 

If I were you, I wouldn't pass up this opportunity to see some of Brian's amazing work up close. Every single piece is truly beautiful. Plus, who doesn't love a good discount :)

Success: Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls

You guys, I did it. I made THE Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls and they turned out pretttttty good, if I do say so myself!!

They're hard work, but totally worth it. I have a feeling I'll be making this a whole bunch.




 When I first saw this dress it had my name written all over it. Not literally, but I mean, it's mint, lace, andddd you can twirl in it. Three things that make up the perfect dress in my opinion. A dress especially perfect for birthday weekend!

And since you don't get to see the man behind the blog too often, let me introduce my husband and biggest blog supporter there is.