Anthropologie Hack: DIY Woodblock Calendar

I was browsing the Anthropologie website last week lusting after all the amazing products they have that are wayyyyyy out of my price range. I kept thing, "pshhh, why is this so expensive? I could totally make this." So, I picked a cute item and put my do-it-yourself skills to the test!

I decided to try my hand at making this cute woodblock calendar. I liked the modern geometric pattern, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the colors, so I made it my own.

Here's what you need:
Paint: I chose three colors of Martha Stewart paints in coordinating colors. I used Pea Shoot, Arrowhead, and Beetle Black.
Wood Blocks: They can be found in the wood section of any craft store. I found mine at Michael's. They had a variety of sizes, I chose the 1 inch. I ended up using 17 blocks. I'm sure some of you smarter people can figure out how to make this craft with less. For instance, the Anthropologie website says their calendar consists of 12 blocks.
Painter's Tape
** Alphabet Stencils: I had intended to make the lettering with stencils, however, I couldn't find any in a font that I liked so I just free-handed the letters and used sharpies.

First, I sketched out the letters and numbers on the blocks. Starting with January, I went through the months to make sure I had every letter accounted for. Don't be afraid to reuse letters and blocks! For instance, the UARY in January is the same UARY in February, I just put the F on the same block as the J. Does that make sense? You can absolutely get creative with this. I didn't want to have any blocks that were entirely letters, I wanted at least one side with a design, so that's what I did!

After all the letters and numbers were complete, I started painting. I added some painters tape to blocks that would have the triangle pattern. I also just painted some sides of the blocks solid colors.

The paint dried pretty quickly, so I was able to complete this project in no time at all.

I especially love how versatile this project is. You don't have to make a calendar! You can pretty much have the blocks say whatever you want... or nothing at all and just keep them geometric.  I'm thinking maybe a "Merry Christmas" set would be cute, or maybe a "Go Tigers Go".

The Give Back Giveaway

Today, I have something extremely special to share. A sweet friend of mine, and my wedding videographer, anddd fellow blogger, Nicole, is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Not just any giveaway, it's a giveaway that will help a family in need.

Nicole has a friend who was diagnosed with a very rare form of Cancer. A very tough and scary thing to deal with. On top of that, they recently lost their house to a fire.

Please take some time today to head over to Nicole's blog and enter the giveaway. You know, one of the prizes might even look familiar! (cough it's an embroidery hoop cough)

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

Pretty much since the day we first bought our first home, I had been talking about hanging shelves above the desk. Well, it took us over a year but we finally have shelves! Not just any shelves though... they're shelves we made.

We have lots of exposed brick and beams throughout our home that we've incorporated into our decorating. We didn't want the shelves to look too "new", we wanted them to fit into the industrial feel, and we especially wanted them to fit into our budget soooo we made our own!

Since we live in a condo and don't have a yard or a workshop or anything like that, we needed this process to be relatively simple.

Brackets: While browsing Home Depot one day we stumbled across these brackets in the closet section that were a good color and looked industrial. What we especially liked about them was that they would be safe. We knew we could hang these on the wall and put a significant amount of weight on them and they wouldn't budge.

Wood: For the actual shelf part, we ventured into the wood section of Home Depot and consulted an employee on the best type of wood for us to use. We explained what we were doing and he suggested a durable and affordable type of wood. He also suggested wood that would hold stain.

We found a stain that was similar to the color of the exposed beams in our home.

Since we didn't want the shelves to look too "new", we distressed the wood before staining by hitting it with chains and nicking it up with a hammer.

That's pretty much it!! We stained the wood first, attached the brackets, then hung them on the wall. I'm loving the way they turned out. I had fun decorating them for Halloween and I'm getting pretty excited about how they'll look for Christmas.


I got these amazing red corduroy pants in my most recent Stitch Fix and I could not wait to wear them! Corduroy isn't really something I've ever liked but these have totally changed my mind. They are so so soft and cozy anddd the color is pretty great.

This mural is part of the South Main Mosaic Artwalk, a temporary public art installation through the South Main district of Downtown Memphis.. aka my neck of the woods. I've loved having all these gorgeous art pieces around town. Apparently so have some other people. While we were taking these pictures, a group of about fifteen people with cameras (I would assume they're a photography club?) came moseying down the street taking pictures. Pictures of all the different art pieces. Well it just so happens that I was standing awkwardly in front of this mural while they were taking pictures of it. Yeah, sorry about that, photography club!

The Not So Pretty Pictures

Most of the time when I get in front of the camera I get awkward, and nervous, and I never know what to do with my hands. Majority of the pictures we take end up sitting in folders on my comptuer and never seeing the light of day (or I guess the internet)... that is, until today.

Today, I am revealing the behind the scenes photos that every blogger has. The not so pretty moments you can always count on. Between the elements and other people and a photographer who is always prepared to capture my most attractive poses... there are some priceless moments in these pictures. Moments I'm only sliiiightly embarrassed to share. 

I feel like there needs to be a caption contest along with these pictures! Please tell me I'm not the only one with silly pictures like this...


Eating in Memphis: Schweinehaus

Before I get into the meat of the post (pun intended), I just wanted to mention that you might have noticed it's been a little quiet around here lately. I took a somewhat spontaneous blog vacation and I think it was definitely needed. Sometimes you have to just unplug and step back for a little bit. In my time away I had a TON of good ideas and blog posts that you guys will be seeing in the next few weeks! Pretty excited to be back.

Ok, now let's talk about German food. This weekend, Jeremy and I finally were able to go over to Overton Square to try the (relatively) new restaurant, Schweinehaus.

According to their website, the two brothers who opened this restaurant strive to "provide an atmosphere that feels like Germany in Midtown Memphis without all the dinosaurs." They definitely delivered... we didn't see one dinosaur! Between the community tables and the German flags, the atmosphere is on point. The only thing missing was a man in lederhosen.

The menu is full of German dishes that I had never heard of but all sounded extremely delicious. I ordered the Müll Spatzel which is a German egg noodle with vegetables and sage butter. Simple but delicious. Jeremy ordered the Jagerschnitzel which was pork schnitzel, hunter sauce, mashed potatos, and braised red cabbage. The restaurant was a slightly dark so my pictures didn't turn out too good. SO instead of sharing some dark, unappetizing pictures, you should just go to Schweinehaus as soon as you can to experience the dishes yourself. 

I could probably count the number of times I've had German food on one hand so this probably isn't a place I'll be frequenting weekly. I will say, though, that this is a great restaurant to go to with a group of friends. The large community tables and array of items on the menu make this place an ideal hangout spot.

Schweinehaus on Urbanspoon


I am not a fan of cold weather. Not at all. I figured mayyyybe the cold wouldn't be too bad if I had an amazing coat to wear all winter. I think this green one should get the job done :)

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Pinterest Success: Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Now that Halloween is over, everyone's looking ahead towards Thanksgiving. I can tell because my Pinterest feed is fullllll of Thanksgiving recipes, crafts, and many different variations of "Thankful" decorations.

One project that I keep seeing is the pumpkin used as a vase to make a gorgeous flower arrangement project. The many different varieties are all so beautiful and definitely make a statement. Well, I just had to give it a try to see if it really is as easy as it looks. Guess what, it was!

I had ordered some pretty autumn colored roses from The Bouqs and knew they would be perfect to try this little experiment out. I found a pretty fairytale pumpkin at our local grocery store and got to work.

Honestly, I thought all the Pinterest flower arrangments looked too good to be true. I had a feeling the pumpkin was going to end up in the trash and the flowers in a vase. I was pleasantly surprsied at how do-able this project is. I definitely recommend creating an arrangment like this for your Thanksgiving table or to give to a friend or even just to decorate your house!

It's simple. All I did was cut the top off the pumpkin and scrape out the insides. Then, I found a plastic bowl that fit into the pumpkin, filled it with water, and arranged the flowers. That's it! With relatively little work, you can make a flower arrangement that looks professional and makes a huge impact.

Oh, and might I suggest getting the flowers from The Bouqs? Seriously, this is the second bouquet I've gotten from them and I haven't been disappointed. They have many different varieties of flowers to choose from and once you get them, they last a reallllly long time!

 I'm happy to say this has been another Pinterest success!!!


Laney Turns 1 - Pumpkins & Roses 1st Birthday Party

My adorable and incredibly sweet niece turned one a few weeks ago. This weekend we celebrating this precious little with a first birthday party that was just as cute as the birthday girl!

My Sister-in-law decided to go with a pumpkin and roses theme. You really can't go wrong with lots of burlap, flowers and mason jars. It was the perfect backyard birthday party.

My Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, and I all contributed little crafty things to make this party special for Laney. I absolutely love how it all turned out!!! I'll give you one guess who made the embroidery hoops ;)

Of course, no first birthday party is complete without a smash cake.


This last picture is one of my favorites. Jeremy's grandfather (the birthday girl's great-grandfather) plays the harmonica and always carries his harmonica with him. On birthdays, everyone can expect a phone call from Grandad in which he'll play Happy Birthday on his harmonica. Laney loved her version during her party.  

Happy Birthday to you, Laney!! We love you!!


If the weather never got any colder I would be a happy camper. I could wear a great pair of boots, a chunky sweater, and a cozy scarf every day.

I took advantage of being on the beautiful Villanova University campus to take these pictures! I'm so glad I did. Villanova in the Fall is absolutely gorgeous.

Sweater: Old Navy (similar) / Scarf: Stitch Fix / Shirt: c/o Our World Boutique (similar)

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