So, normally when taking these "wore" photos I like to be somewhat off the beaten track. I don't like when people are around judging watching me. I thoughttttt we were in a secluded enough spot this time. That was until someone started catcalling. Yeah, we couldn't see them but we could hear them! So embarrassing!!!

Anyways, I picked this dress up at Old Navy and it has been the perfect dress to wear in the somewhat cooler weather we are having this summer. When Memphis summer does come back, this will stilllll be a great dress to wear. I love it!

Bookworm: Unbroken

If you read any book this year, I recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's not a light read by any means and the story isn't warm and fuzzy. It is, however, a book you will not be able to put down and a book that will stay with you.

Written by the same author who wrote Seabiscuit, Unbroken is the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete turned American hero who lived through unfathomable events during World War II. He is an incredible example of the trials that a person can endure.

As I was reading, I couldn't believe how one person was capable of living through such unbelievable circumstances. Louis Zamperini did survive his unimaginable ordeal, and in fact passed away just a few weeks ago at the age of 97.

Another reason you should read this book right away is because it is going to be a movie! Yes, Angela Jolie is actually directing it and from the trailer, it looks like it's going to be a good one.

So, have any of you read this yet??

The Most Difficult Post I've Ever Had to Write

This has been the most difficult two weeks of my life. On Sunday, July 6th, my Father passed away. It still doesn't seem real.

If you've been a reader of Ten Feet Off Beale for a while, you might recall that my Dad had CLL or Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. He lived with this disease for 13 years. He would undergo treatment and get better. He would end up in the hospital and then go home after a few days. The disease essentially made his immune system obsolete, so the real threat was infection.

I don't want to get too much into what happened here, but on Sunday, June 29th, I quickly booked a flight to New Jersey. My Dad was in the hospital with pneumonia and it wasn't looking good. I spent the week at the hospital with my entire family and close friends encouraging and praying for my Dad. This was probably the longest week of my life. We prayed and hoped and overall stayed very positive. It was an emotional roller coaster. He would improve then decline then improve again. I just knew he would get through this. I mean, he had beaten pneumonia before.

This time, however, would be different.

A week later, on July 6th, in a hospital room surrounded by his family, my Father passed away.

The visitation, funeral, and burial all seem like a blur. I just can't believe he's gone.

I will say that I am beyond thankful that he was able to attend my wedding, and that he was in relatively good health. He gave the most beautiful speech, walked me down the aisle, and danced with me like I always dreamed he would. These are memories I will truly cherish forever.

Dad, I miss you so much already and know that you will always be with me. I hold onto the fact that you are no longer suffering or in pain and that we will one day be together again. I love you.

Tory Burch Espadrille Giveaway

So, in my opinion, everyone needs a killer pair of shoes to get them through summer. Well, take a look at these absolutely adorable Tory Burch espadrilles! Want to hear the best part? You can win a pair by entering below!! Ashley, who blogs over at Blog About Design, is giving a pair away! Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Just scroll down and enter using the Rafflecopter widget.

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-TORY-BURCH-GIVEAWAYblog-about-design-tory-burch-espadrille-giveaway-street-styleblog-about-design-tory-burch-espadrille-giveaway-street-styleblog-about-design-tory-burch-espadrille-giveaway-street-styleblogtb5blog-about-design-tory-burch-espadrille-giveaway-street-styleblog-about-design-tory-burch-espadrille-giveaway-street-styleTop: LIV | Jeans: Topshop | Tote: Rebecca Minkoff | Bracelets: Samantha Willis | Bangle: Jules Smith | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | EspadrillesTory Burch

Good morning readers! I'm so excited to announce a {Pink Tory Burch Espadrille Giveaway} today. Tory Burch has to be one of my favorite brands; they're super chic, and can turn any look from drab to fab. I've decided to style my Tory Burch Espadrilles with a pair of ripped jeans and capped top, and accessorize with a Rebecca Minkoff tote and jewelry! The Tory Burch Espadrilles give the look a great punch of color. From now until July 16th, you have the chance to enter to win a pair of {Pink Tory Burch Espadrille's} like the one's in this post. If you're as in love with these espadrilles as I am and can't wait, get them here. Good Luck! --Ashley

Red, White, and Bouq

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays. Over the years, I have accumulated all sorts of Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, even Easter decorations. One holiday that I'm majorly slacking on is the Fourth of July. I love America but for some reason, there is a serious lack of red, white, and blue around here right now. When I saw these red, white, and blue roses I knew they would be the perfect way to make our house a little more patriotic.

Who says you can't buy yourself flowers? Especially beautiful roses from The Bouqs. The Bouqs own their own flower farm so when you order the flowers, they are cut and sent directly to you. There is no waste or middle man like there would be going through some other online flower companies. Their pricing is simple, too. They have a $40 flat fee for original size bouquets with Free Shipping! I mean, just take a look at some of their gorgeous bouquets.

Now, I know the Fourth is a huuuuge time for travel and cookouts, sooooo if you don't want flowers for yourself, they make great hostess gifts!! Orrr you can buy one bouquet for you keep and one to bring with you ;)

I couldn't get enough, so I split my bouquet into a few little bouquets so they could be scattered throughout the house. I don't know what it is, but fresh flowers make everything feel so homey. 

This post is sponsored by The Bouqs and Markerly. I was compensated for my review. As always, all opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. 

Another Fix

It's that time again!! I need some help deciding what I should keep from this Stitch Fix! At this point, I've had several Stitch Fix boxes show up at my door and each one has been amazing. Also, every item that I've kept has been worn over and over again. Soooo, I love your opinions!! Be sure to scroll to the bottom and fill out the form.

If you're hesitant about Stitch Fix, my advice? Just try it! There's no long term commitment. If you only want one Stitch Fix box, no problem! You only have to get one. In my opinion, it's definitely worth trying at least once.

What is Stitch Fix? This post should be able to explain it a little :)

The Perfect Mix

In October, my beautiful cousin, Kim (who was one of my bridesmaids), will be marrying the man of her dreams. This weekend, we had the opportunity to shower her with love and gifts. My other two incredible cousins planned a baking themed bridal shower, appropriately named "The Perfect Mix" with every detail amazingly coordinated and executed for Kim.

The flower arrangements were put together in colanders, there was adorable apron favors at everyone's seat, and delicious cookies decorated in Kim's colors, orange and grey. We played games, enjoyed delicious food, and most importantly, celebrated Kim and her upcoming marriage. Everything was perfect!

Kim, I am so excited for you and Todd to tie the knot in only a few short months!! This is such a special and exciting time in your life and I'm so honored that I can be part of it. You and Todd truly are the perfect mix. I'm so happy for you guys!!

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Wore // Home

Home has a different meaning for everyone. For me, home is where my heart is and my heart is and always will be with my husband and my family. Well, my husband is in Tennessee and my family is in New Jersey. Right now, I live in Tennessee and consider Memphis home, however, I will always consider New Jersey, where I was born and raised, home as well.

A little while back I posted about The Home T, the company that makes the adorable shirt that I'm wearing! I have a New Jersey tee that I absolutely adore (and wear all the time). I just love how comfortable the shirt is anddd I love that a portion of all profits go to multiple sclerosis research. Well, now they make tank tops and I knew I had to have one. I decided to go with Tennessee, after all, I consider this place home, too! andddd I thought a little variety in my closet wouldn't be a bad thing :)

This shirt was sent to me courtesy of The Home T however all opinions are entirely my own.  


Happy Father's Day and Birthday to you, Dad!!

I can honestly say that dancing with you at my wedding was something I always dreamed about and a memory I will cherish forever. You've done so much for me over the years and I can't even begin to express my appreciation and gratitude. You've always encouraged me and you've always pushed me to be the best person I could be.

Even though I am now a wife, I will always be your daughter and you will always be the first man I ever loved.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Eating in Memphis (32) - Wiles-Smith Drugs

Our Eating in Memphis tour took us to a place that I have driven past at least one hundred times. Located on Union Avenue, not far outside of downtown Memphis is Wiles-Smith Drugs, a pharmacy and lunch counter that has been there since 1945. To be honest, it looks like not much has changed since 1945! I mean, you don't see too many privately owned pharmacies and you see even fewer lunch counters like this one.

Well, we stopped in for lunch on Saturday and it was a real treat. The item on our list was the chocolate milkshake so, of course, I had to get one. Jeremy opted for the vanilla. These were definitely some of the best milkshakes I have ever had. They weren't too thick and they weren't too sweet. They were just right.

We also both ordered the chicken salad sandwich which deserves a mention! It was delicious. They served them to us on toast with some lettuce and tomato. There wasn't much to it, but it was very yummy. Basically Wiles- Smith is the perfect little lunch spot when you need a quick bite.

In addition to having a delicious lunch and discovering an amazing hidden gem, we had the sweetest conversation with the older gentleman who was sitting at the table next to ours. He was there with his son and told us stories about how he practiced medicine for 50 years, he bragged about how proud he was of his son, and even told Jeremy he had a good looking protoplasm (whatever that means) and that he should go back to school and get his doctorate. Basically, our little lunch date was awesome, and we will definitely be back.

PS. Check out the rest of the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis and the places we've eaten so far, here!

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